Steven Naismith was delighted to see Lawrence Shankland hit his 30th goal of the season for Heart of Midlothian and Kyosuke Tagawa score his first Premiership goal in the maroon.

The Hearts head coach spoke to the press after the 2-2 draw with St Mirren and provided an update on Beni Baningime, explaining why he wasn't involved.

Read everything he said below...

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What’s your take on the game?

I think it was a game that showed there wasn’t much on it and the two teams played with freedom. I was pleased with a lot of aspects. The goals we concede are poor but apart from that our play was good and I felt we were in control a fair bit. We went behind twice and got goals back quite quickly, which helps, but there was a lot of good play. We changed the team up a bit and players came in, but a lot of them played well and it shows you the depth that we have got.

Impressed with Tagawa?

Yeah. I’ve known about his quality but he has been unfortunate. I feel he’s not had the breaks this season and new players need to try and get them, and then we have had the best striker in the league so that’s going to be tough. But he has worked really hard, he has consistently performed in training, and wanted to prove that he can be an asset. His movement was brilliant for the goal and then the finish is a striker’s finish. I’m really pleased for him. I felt Scott Fraser came in and did really well. Overall, there was lots of good stuff. We were brave on the ball and played through, but maybe didn’t make the most of it in the final third.

That’s 30 goals for Shankland now?

It’s incredible. He has had plaudits and people have talked throughout the season, but I don’t think people will really understand it for a few years until it has been and gone and someone else is scoring goals. Hearts did a lot to get him here and then put their faith in him that he was going to be good. He has been a brilliant pro, a good leader, and his goal record over the two seasons here is unbelievable. He deserves everything that comes his way. He has had to graft his whole career to get anything out of it. He has had knockbacks and setbacks when he was younger and he is now getting recognition with the awards and the international scene. But he deserves every bit of it.

Where does that goal rank for him this season?

That’s what I was just saying – I think it’s one of his best. That’s what makes him different. He is calm in the box and instinctive, and he understands what’s going on. He doesn’t rush or snatch at the ball. It’s a brilliant finish.

No Baningime today, why was that?

Three games in a week. He’s going to be a big player for us. He’ll have a shift on on Saturday and I’d rather give him the rest. I also feel that that position suits Scott Fraser. He’s not had a chance to play in there but tonight showed his calmness on the ball and his understanding of how to find space. So it gave us an opportunity to see him.

Young players will be important for next season as well?

I think they’ll be part of it. Macaulay and Aiden have been a big part of it. I think James will step up, Finlay Pollock’s got an opportunity and a few others will get a chance through pre-season. They played tonight because I think they can and they deserve to. James’ movement was really good and I thought Aidan and Macaulay as well did well when they were on the pitch. That’s something the club has to do consistently. We’ve got a good group, guys who want to maximise what they can do in the game. I’m fortunate that I’m able to play them.