An in-depth breakdown of the roles Barrie McKay and Yutaro Oda played in the win over Livingston will be published on the site on Tuesday morning. Until then, a look at one of the best Hearts goals this season...

Heart of Midlothian have scored some spectacular goals this season – and the best of the lot might just have arrived on Saturday. The 4-2 win over Livingston saw a remarkable first half at Tynecastle Park, where the visitors stunned the home crowd by racing into a two-goal lead before a four-goal salvo – all in the space of 15 minutes or so – saw the tables turned in Hearts’ favour in emphatic fashion.

Jorge Grant’s goal to pull it back to 2-1 gave the home fans belief; Yutaro Oda’s barely a minute later provided them with confidence that Hearts would go on to win the game. Still, though, someone would have to step up. Someone had to seize the advantage. And in the end, the moment the game turned was provided by an unlikely source.

Cammy Devlin has a fair few strings to his not-inconsiderable bow, but being prolific is not among them, even though he started out as a striker. The goal against Livingston was just the ninth of the diminutive Aussie’s career – and a sixth in maroon – and although his deflected strike against Rosenborg will live long in the memory, even the most ardent Hearts supporter would have to concede there was an element of fortune to Devlin's match-winning moment on that thrilling night in Gorgie back in August.

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There was no such luck on Saturday, though. Shooting from only a few yards out certainly helped his chances, but this was a well-constructed and deliberate move. Hearts, and Devlin, made their own luck: and they reaped the rewards.

The move starts with Beni Baningime winning the ball deep inside his own half then knocking it back to Frankie Kent. The centre-back spots Devlin in acres of space and quickly feeds him the ball.

Devlin turns to discover he has been afforded the freedom of Gorgie. There isn’t a yellow jersey within 20 yards of him, and so he drives forward into the space.

He waits until the Livingston midfield are drawn to the ball and step forward, and the trap is set. Devlin slides it over to Alex Cochrane, then drives forward to join the attack.

Cochrane draws another Livi player towards the ball before shifting it out to Barrie McKay, who has time to touch it inside onto his favoured right foot. Cochrane then bursts forward on the underlap.

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The left-back is in a superb position, but the passing lane is blocked. McKay has spotted the run, though, and has another idea. He drills a neat pass through a tight gap towards Shankland’s feet, bypassing the Livi midfield entirely.

Shankland is on the same wavelength. Without skipping a beat, he dinks it first time into Cochrane’s path with a lovely outside-of-the-boot first touch. It’s a fantastic piece of invention that unlocks the Livi defence.

Cochrane gallops down the wing unopposed as he prepares to cross – and who’s this in the middle? Devlin, having started the move only 10 seconds or so prior, is now Hearts’ most advanced player. Neither centre-half has picked him up and Shamal George is rooted to his line. If Cochrane can play the ball into the highlighted area, then Devlin should get there first and be presented with an excellent sight of goal.

Cochrane does exactly that, drilling a low ball across the face of goal. Devlin reacts quickly and gets there first, but there is still some work to be done. Grant and Oda’s goals both had a very high xG (0.88 and 0.75 respectively), yet the xG for Devlin’s chance stood at 0.33. There’s a very simple reason: Devlin still has to beat the goalie while lunging in. He can pick a side and it will probably end up in the back of the net, but Devlin goes one better and prods it through George’s legs.

It was the perfect ending to a well-worked move – and of the four goals scored on Saturday, none will have pleased Naismith more. Hearts have come close to scoring a free-flowing team goal peppered with incisive passing and clever movement on a few occasions this season, only to fall at the final hurdle and get the finish wrong. But this time it worked like a charm.

There have been some fantastic Hearts goals this season – Alan Forrest’s thunderbolt at home to Hibs immediately springs to mind, as do a handful of world-class finishes from Shankland – but this was perhaps the most satisfying of them all. Rather than one moment of magic, this was seven or eight near-perfect touches executed back-to-back, and any error in control or misplaced pass would have seen it come to nothing. Instead, everyone played their part adeptly – and the end result was one of the most aesthetically pleasing goals scored in maroon this season.