Steven Naismith has revealed what the next steps for his Heart of Midlothian side are as he opened up on the importance honesty plays in how he manages and coaches.

The Hearts boss appeared on BBC 5Live Sport's Monday Night Club following the team's 2-0 win over Celtic on Sunday. He was asked about sporting director Joe Savage's aims of challenging the Old Firm and even winning the title.

Naismith admitted it is "really ambitious" as he outlined what the next steps are for his side.

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"You just need to look at the budgets of the Old Firm and the rest of the league," he said. "They have got six times the income and revenue to ourselves and we are a really well-run club that's got good income streams. You've got to understand it is a big jump, a big gulf.

"I think it is about taking it in steps. We first need to be finishing consistently in third. If you look at the league table just now and over the last few weeks, we have been closer to the Old Firm than the teams below us. That for me is a realistic aim, season on season.

"Then if you add into the mix, European group stage football you've got to carry the demand of when you are fatigued and tired for the weekend's game and you are at home, that demand is still the same. Everyone still expects you to go and win the game. You then need to find a way, the players need to have that motivation to go and go. That for me is the next step for us.

"Further down the line, we keep progressing, we have got to be looking at cup success at times. It's about putting it into perspective, short, medium and longer term. But it's a big ask. You have got to take the next step before looking beyond that."

Naismith was also asked about his journey into management and his philosophies. As he has discussed in the past, honesty is key. He offered up an example from his own career when he was not part of the manager's plans at Norwich City.

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"The best managers I had, I didn't enjoy them telling me I wasn't playing or they didn't want me in the squad but as long as they were honest," he said. "I look back now and every manager that was honest with me, I understand the footballing decision.

"Daniel Farke at Norwich. I was over-30, he wanted to change the dynamic, I trained really hard, good attitude but he was honest, the club were honest with me saying they were going in a different direction. That's what I want and that's what I try to deliver as a manager and coach."