Heart of Midlothian were made to wait for a 150th Edinburgh derby win as Steven Naismith's men fought back from a goal down to salvage a 1-1 draw against Hibernian.

The point gained extends Hearts' lead over fourth-placed Kilmarnock to 12 points.

Naismith met the media after the match where he fielded questions about the third derby of the season.

Here's everything he had to say.

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What did you make of that game?

It was slightly better than the last one, but probably lacked a bit of quality for both teams. It was end to end at times, both teams had chances and, ultimately, that bit of quality was the thing that was missing in the game. Going behind, we showed good resilience to get back into it then dominate a bit of the game. When we had control of the ball and made the right decisions, we were a threat and created chances. It was just that final moment. Whether that was taking a touch to shoot, square it, or just enjoy having the ball in the attacking half to create the opportunity. When we made the wrong choice, it ended up the game going inevitably end to end giving them a chance. They have a lot of pace, are physical in terms of having power and they were a real threat from set-plays, which I thought we dealt with really well on the back of what was a really poor defensive performance at the weekend.

Did you use half-time to emphasise the importance of getting your foot on the ball? It can be difficult in the derby.

That's the thing. We spoke about it before because in the last derby it was probably poor, but it was about trying to do that. But it’s a derby. The heat of the battle, we have young players who are experiencing this for the first time and the demand. So there are positives to take out of it. The opportunities and moments we had. We were three v two in attack at times and ended up not getting the shot. When we have shots, we are snatching at it and it goes over the top. Those are the wee moments where we need to be better if we want the win.

Are you happy with the result, given you're solid in third but Hibs needed the win?

On the back of the performance at the weekend, it was really important that we showed that one, we were going to be defensively sound, and two, we're up for the next game and want to get as many points as we can. So we get that. Ultimately, the game lacked that bit of quality. So I think both teams could sit and say, 'we could have won that', but a draw is probably a fair result.

Lawrence is a calm guy, but what did you make of what he had to put up with before he hit his penalty?

Before we go onto that part - the calmness I spoke about, that’s exactly it. The way he acts for the penalty and his calmness to find the net, these are the defining moments in these games. But all the stuff getting launched on, it’s just not acceptable. If that then gets looked at, what’s going to happen is they are just going to reduce the amount of  fans that can go into that stand and that’s going to impact what I think is a good atmosphere, a good derby which has a fierce rivalry. It’s just idiots that are going to spoil the party for everybody.

You brought Cammy Devlin back into the starting line-up, what did you make of his performance?

I thought he was good. Cammy’s got an infectious energy. He’s been desperate to get back on the pitch. And I thought in the derby we’d need that energy. It was good for him to get back on the pitch and get the minutes. He’ll be an important player for us going forward. 

How's Frankie Kent?

He took a bang on the knee which eased up a bit. But that shows his character. He’s a leader, a someone who again tonight showed his organisation and his enjoyment of defending. He was brilliant.

Did you think it was a penalty?

I was quite confident when he went to the screen that we'd still get given the penalty, if I’m honest. It was one of those moments in the game where it was a split second – who gets there first and inevitably it’s going to be a foul. I felt Kenneth did enough to get enough of the ball for it to be a foul but if it wasn’t given I didn’t think you’d have an argument either. 

Did you see what was thrown at Lawrence?

I think it was everything that was in people's pockets - whether it be coins, vapes or whatever. It's just not good enough. End of.

What's the latest with Craig Halkett?

He's seeing a specialist this week just to make sure he is sound and everything is as we expect.