Steven Naismith spoke to the media following a sobering performance from his Heart of Midlothian side away to Rangers.

The league leaders opened the scoring within two minutes at Ibrox and never looked back as Philippe Clement's side racked up a commanding 5-0 win, bringing Hearts' 10-game unbeaten run to a shuddering halt.

Here's everything that Naismith had to say.

What went wrong for you out there?

We lost five goals that were probably in the group of the weakest goals we have conceded, and they came at bad times in the game. After last week and Rangers going top of the league and playing before Celtic this week, we knew that they were going to start fast and the atmosphere would be loud and we probably didn't deal with well enough. When we concede the two goals, one early in the first half, one early in the second half, it is an uphill battle. It is a lesson to be learned.

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Did the performance surprise you given how well the team played at Celtic Park and on their last trip to Ibrox?

Just the quality of the goals. We have made big strides this season in how well we have defended but you have go to show respect to Rangers, they are in a good moment. The league turned last week and we always knew they would start fast. They were really aggressive in their press and we didn't deal with that well enough, which led to us giving up chances. And when you are playing against Rangers and Celtic, when you give up chances like that, they gave the quality to hurt you - and that's what happened.

How confident are you that you can draw a line under today and not let it derail the good work up until this point?

I would hope it wouldn't because we are in a really good place. Our form, the way we have won games in the run of games there, we have done it in different ways. This is more about trying to compete with the teams at the top, that is the benchmark. When you are coming up done that against these teams in the second half, we have a bit more control on the ball but you have to try to get to that point when the game is competitive. That's what you want to be at the top and trying to be in Europe and competing in these games, you need to be good at that and you need to be able to do that. So that is probably the biggest takeaway - when these games come around and the game is still in the balance, can we put a foothold in the game better than we did today.

How disappointing was the second goal, given that Hearts were enjoying a good spell at that point?

We reacted well to losing the first one and got a bit more of the game, we played in better areas of the pitch. But then with a number of the goals the quality is really poor from our point of view. We have good control of possession on the halfway line and then we give it up and it inevitably ends up in the back of the net. So it is a lesson to learn but the progress we have made this season from a defensive point of view has been really good. That doesnt just go out the window in one game. The small details are in those moments against the best teams if you give it up then you are going to concede goals. The flip of that is having to be brave to gain control of the ball to try and win the game. 

Did you have to say much in the dressing room after or was it the case that the players already knew?

Everybody knew. We are an honest, open group so there was not much conversation that had to be had. We understood that we lost poor goals, we never had enough control when we had the ball, and we never had the control we had in previous games. So it was pretty clear for everybody. It is disappointing because we have made good progress but it is a reality check. Against the top teams it is tough and you have got to be near on perfect to compete and take points from them. 

Why wasn't Yutaro Oda involved today?

He picked up a knock yesterday and with a game 24 hours away he was never going to checked, assessed and be properly ready. So we decided to leave him out the squad.