Steven Naismith spoke to the press after seeing his Heart of Midlothian side win 2-0 against Motherwell at Tynecastle Park.

He discussed what went wrong with the formation in the first half, why the switch to a back three, how the changes impacted the game after the break, the team's mentality and provided an update on Beni Baningime.

Here is everything he had to say:

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Your changes went to plan perfectly in the second half?

To be honest the game, from the first half to the end, played out the way we expected it to. In the first half, it just didn’t click in the final third. When we are playing three at the back, which I think has a place for us, players need to take more risk in possession to get more numbers in the box. In the first half we didn’t get that and it suited Motherwell, who wanted us to play around them and that’s what we did. Then when we did change it we lost a bit of control of the game, it was a bit end-to-end in the first 15 minutes of the second half. But then in possession we were really good, we were patient, we worked out where the space was when we could turn and play forward.  And the speed of attack was really good. The first goal comes from a free kick when we have worked really well to draw them into where the foul is. And when you have the quality of delivery and quality of finish it was a really good goal. Then we managed the game really well. We picked them off brilliantly at times, we could have scored more goals. We come off with two but it wasn’t half-hearted chances, it was good chances we should score more goals from. So overall it was a really professional controlled performance.

You said the back three still has its place. What was the thinking behind the change to the back three today?

You cover the pitch much better and when they have three forwards you’re asking them to do a lot of work. Then it’s the speed of attack that didn’t click that allowed them to stay in their shape; we didn’t cause their two 6s enough problems. But we worked them hard in the first half so in the second half you’re asking them to go again. The intensity throughout the game was really good, I thought.

Shankland has been scoring all season but you must be pleased to see Vargas is chipping in now as well?

He’s hungry. He’s a brilliant kid who has seen an opportunity and he has taken it. His football knowledge is definitely beyond his years and he has got great attributes in terms of his touch, his pace and his understanding. He was unlucky not to score another one today and he is a constant threat. He is good enough to drop in, as you saw, and he also understands when there is space to run into. It was brilliant for him but it wasn’t just him. Macaulay did well, Cammy got on the pitch and saw the game out well, and so did Natty. It’s a squad and there will be guys disappointed that they didn’t get on or had to come off the pitch, but throughout the season everyone has contributed and they will continue to. Come the end of the season we will remember some good times if it all finishes well.

With your position in third, are you now looking up at the gap to Celtic and Rangers?

No. They’re still a bit ahead. We will get to April/May and if we are fortunate enough to be close then you can dream. But for us, we just need to keep winning games and the gap will be bigger. We know as a squad but it’s week to week. The way we managed the game today, our speed of attack, these are the real markers of progression for me which should ultimately lead to success.

Has there been a mentality change from hoping but expecting to win these types of games?

There has definitely been a mentality shift for sure. We go into every game wanting to win. We understand there are times when we need to take risks and there are times like today when we need to be patient. You can’t get sucked into a fight or get frustrated. It’s these wee small things that change the mentality and the progression of the team. There is definitely a mentality shift in what we expect from each other and also what we expect the outcome to be. Yeah there’s going to be bumps in the road and we will get beat and things like that, but I think we will react to those situations better than we would have a year ago.

Do you think there has been a mentality change for the fans as well? We have seen first-half performances before where the team could potentially be booed off but they stuck with you today.

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I said before the game, the atmosphere in the ground can be a real advantage for us because it can be hard to play in when it is lively and noisy. Brilliant for our players, harder for the opponents. I thought today was that. There were some frustrating moments for us all, but we understand what we are trying to do. The noise was good through the 90 minutes so it was brilliant. Everybody is learning, everybody is getting used to what we are trying to do and maybe understand it a bit better.

Yet again, what a value Shankland is to you?

He's the best striker in Scotland so he has got a value to us. That frustration, everybody is learning. We understand we keep making our passes, we keep trying to open up space that we want to then kill teams with. We are doing it well at the moment so it is a good moment and each week we review it, we look at it and learn from it. Hopefully, come the end of the season we are successful.

A tough run of fixtures coming up?

It will be a different challenge. The last few games we've had are teams that want to be compact and not get beat. The next three games you'd expect to be a bit more open which I think we play our best football when the games are a bit more open. It will be a different challenge but one we are confident going into and take points from.

How's Beni?

He's okay. He was just fatigued which he is a bit more frustrated about. But we have got a strong squad and we know we have got players who can come on and help us. It made sense to take him off and not risk him.

Any more on Halkett's knee injury?

No. He'll see a specialist next week.