Kilmarnock boss Derek McInnes felt his side's 1-0 loss to Heart of Midlthian was harsh.

Steven Naismith's men took a first half lead through a Will Dennis own goal and held on against Killie pressure to secure their fourth successive win on the road.

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"I felt the result was harsh on my team," he said. "It was such an unusual goal to lose and it was a setback. The icy pitch was difficult for both sets of players and it was borderline unplayable in the second half.

“I thought we got after Hearts and were the better team in terms of possession, penalty box entries and big chances. Sometimes you don’t always get what you deserve. Hearts had one shot on target and got away with the points. 

He added: “They are a good side pushing for third but I thought we were decent in the game but we need to be better in the fine moments to show more quality, but more calmness and more determination to get the ball in the net.

“We were 10 out of 10 for effort and bravery, we just didn’t get the outcome we wanted."

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McInnes felt frustration could be heard from both sets of fans over VAR's involvement in the game and believes supporters are beginning to turn against the technology's presence in the game.

The Killie boss was bemused at the VAR check for Will Dennis' challenge on Yutaro Oda as the Japanese forward was flagged offside.

"I think there is a wee bit more of a groundswell from supporters and people are really starting to voice their opinion on it," he said. "It is so frustrating.

"In fairness I think we arrived at the right decision for the majority of the things that were checked but we shouldn’t have to go around the houses to get there. We are taking far too long and we should just let the referee referee it.

"If my keeper had been sent off, and they were checking for a red card after a flag that was up early enough said he was clearly offside... the fact they were actually checking that was so galling. There is far too much interference. They should just let the referee get on with it and only come in when you really need to come in, to be honest. Both sets of fans today clearly showed their frustration."