Kye Rowles addressed the media ahead of Heart of Midlothian's Premiership encounter with Livingston in Gorgie on Wednesday night.

The Australian centre-back looked back at the loss to Rangers, speaking about the disappointment of the result but also taking the positives into a big game against the West Lothian side. He also discussed his experience of playing at left-back for Australia against England at Wembley.

The full Q&A below...

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Are you over the disappointment of Sunday?

Pretty much. We’ve got to get over the disappointment as quickly as possible, really, and we’ve got a good chance to do that against Livingston.

How tough has it been putting it behind you?

Obviously it just pops into your head here and then, and it kind of angers you. We were so close with such a good performance and it just takes three minutes to throw it away. It feels like we’ve done that twice now. So, it’s not good but we’re ready to bounce back.

There is frustration and anger but also motivation?

Definitely. We know we’re right there, with good performances in big games as well. We’re ready to turn those big performances into three points.

How satisfying was it as a defender to stand up against a lot of pressure?

It gives us a lot of confidence. We were very tight and very good with dealing with balls into the box, and just one kind of freak moment and then a ball into the box when it got a bit crazy at the end. If we can just keep our heads and keep our composure for 95 minutes or however much it is then we should be okay.

How much will the next five days or so shape the season?

I think it’s a pretty pivotal moment now. Livingston is the first of two massive games for this week. Positive performances in both games would go a long way to steering everyone in the right direction. Not only us boys and everyone involved with the club but for the fans and the community as well. Everyone needs a positive bounce back, especially to end the month with. If we can get two wins this week, starting with Livingston, it can go a long way.

How important is Livingston for the confidence?

I think it would be massive for the confidence. We want to go into this game with confidence and play a really positive style of football - and get a positive result as well. We’ve been there in games and not quite got it done, and just for the confidence and belief it will be big to show we can play well and get the result as well.

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There is a chance to change the mood music?

All it takes is a little run and hopefully we can start that positive run against Livingston.

What’s it like in the dressing room after a game like Sunday?

There’s anger and frustration when you first initially walk into the changing room and then it goes pretty quiet. Being in training, you just get around each other again and try to lift the spirits of everyone. Everyone’s focused again for Livingston because we all know we can’t dwell on it. It’s happened, it’s not going to change anything being upset about it. We’ve just got to take things we can learn and put them into practice.

Everyone is focusing on the last couple of minutes but most of the performance showed things are on the right line?

I’ve only been here a year and a bit now but obviously teams play each other quite a lot. I think that’s probably one of the better performances against Rangers that I’ve been a part of. For myself, I feel like we’re going in the right direction. It’s just the results aren’t there, that’s all. But, once we start turning the performances into results as well, and everything’s clicking together, then there’ll be positives.

What do you need from the fans against Livingston?

Just the same really. They have been supporting us the whole year regardless of where we've been. Up or down, they have always turned up in great numbers and they have always made noise and always supported us. Even the Celtic game when we got battered, they were still there, still showing us support at the end of the game. That's all we need, hopefully our performances and results can start paying them back for all the support they've given us. 

How was the experience playing against England at Wembley and at left-back as well?

It was pretty special. It was different from playing in the centre, you are a bit isolated out wide but it was good fun. The stadium was massive and it was a bit of a bucket list [item] to tick off, especially being a young Aussie boy, you don't really understand that playing at Wembley is such a special experience and is very rare in anyone's career to play there. I was pretty starstruck by the whole occasion, walking out. It was good fun and great to be part of.

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Did playing left-back during the derby help you for playing left-back for Australia?

It did, actually. It kind of got me ready. I didn't start at left-back [against Hibs] but I didn't really know I would be out there against England but I am more than happy to fill that role if need be. That got me comfortable a little bit for the week following.

What England player were you up against?

Jarrod Bowen so it was pretty interesting. I was pretty much crossing my fingers that he didn't run at me.

Did you get a shirt afterwards?

Nah, I just kept mine for my brothers because it has got the date, stadium and all that so it is pretty special. 

Were you tempted to get one?

I was probably going to swap with Bowen because my older brother is a Hammers fan but I think Jacko [Jackson Irvine] played with him earlier in his career so he was straight out there. I wasn't going to complain.

You said about being starstruck by the experience. How easy was it to switch focus onto the game when the whistle went?

Personally, when the first whistle goes I am just locked in. I don't notice anything outside of the field really. Head down and do my job.

Had you been to Wembley before?

Nah, first time ever.

Wembley is nice but you've got Hampden this week...

I haven't been there yet so that'll be another good experience. I'm not complaining.

Do you take confidence coming back to Hearts from standing up to these players?

Yeah, definitely. You are up against some of the best players in the world. If you can do it there then you can bring it back to the club and you can do it here. I feel like if you can put in good performances when you are at your club and national team it can go a long way for your confidence levels.

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