Musa Drammeh Jaiteh. It was a name that emerged out of the blue, from left field. By the time Heart of Midlothian fans had finished their Google search of the forward, he had been announced as the fifth signing of the transfer window.

The man without a Wikipedia page, however, had been on the club's radar for around 18 months. They had been watching and monitoring his development at Sevilla B, waiting for the right moment to make their move.

That moment arrived this summer.

Musa's time at one of Spain's most successful clubs this century had come to an end after helping their second side earn promotion to the third tier. There had been strong interest from England in January and, as the player put it himself, he had "a lot of offers" to consider but it was the one from Hearts that was most enticing, Steven Naismith laying out a plan, explaining the EH11 project. He would sign a three-year deal.

"It was a good opportunity where he was with his contract, the value of his contract and where he was coming [from]," the Hearts head coach noted.

He will wear 'Musa DRJ' on the back of his No.37 top, joining Andrew Driver, Ludek Straceny and Roger Vaaler - me neither - as owners of that particular number. He will do so with confidence and a presence. 

On paper, the Hearts support should be excited at the signing. He is a 6ft2in fast, direct attacker after all. Throw in the unknown factor that fascinates fans and it is a tantalising prospect.

Naismith talked about him possessing "something different to what a lot of our forwards have got" while the player himself admitted that he may be more compatible with Scottish football than the Spanish game.

"Musa's English is really good, and his understanding of what we're wanting is really good," Naismith explained.

"He is a young player so we just need to let him settle but he's got good attributes. He naturally wants to run in behind, he naturally likes being direct with his play when he's got the ball.

"I don't think coming to Scottish football he is going to be surprised at the rough and tumble of it or the physical nature of it or the predictable nature of it if you like where a lot of the games might be quite similar."

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Now, having built him up, comes the part where we dial back the expectation and excitement. Musa is 22 arriving from a completely different culture, on and off the field. He is not a signing for the here and now, expected to make an instant impact.

He will be given time and space to grow.

"He is a young forward who within youth football played at a decent level," Naismith said. "Playing with Sevilla B he's obviously had a bit of exposure and he had exposure before that of proper football.

"He is somebody who I don't want to put much pressure on. In the forward areas, we've got a lot of competition and we've also got experienced players that allows him to first get in and around the place and get used to it.

"It is not one we need to rush and make sure he is contributing. As long as he's improving on the training pitch I think you'll see his qualities when he gets game time."

Yan Dhanda, one of Hearts' new recruits.Yan Dhanda, one of Hearts' new recruits. (Image: SNS)

Musa is the only arrival so far who has no experience of football in the UK. Just like Calem Nieuwenhof, Kyosuke Tagawa and Kenneth Vargas 12 months ago, Naismith will preach patience. But there are others who won't need that period of adaption.

Yan Dhanda, Blair Spittal and James Penrice, to name three, will be better placed to hit the ground running and slot into the everyday life of playing in Scotland.

"The guys who have not had any experience of Scottish football need to have that understanding," Naismith said. "Do we expect it is going to take long for Yan, Blair, Penrice to fit in? No. They know what it is about.

"If anything, what they need to get used to is probably being around a better quality of player, the game is going to be slightly different to the teams they played with. It's more about getting used to do with that. But their quality, the way they use their body in games, what to expect physically, they know. They are the ones you will likely see have more of an instant impact."

Musa's impact may be further down the line but it won't dull the anticpation around the fast, powerful forward.