It was a "good afternoon's work" according to Steven Naismith after watching his Heart of Midlothian side defeat Dundee 3-0 at Tynecastle Park.

The Hearts head coach spoke of Barrie McKay's impact, James Wilson, Lawrence Shankland and more.

Read everything he said...

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What are your thoughts on the game?

It was a good afternoon’s work. We were good in the first half without having that freedom and moving the ball quickly. That was the message at half time, if we moved it quicker we would be quicker in attack and cause more problems. We did that second half. The second goal is typical. Did well in possession, their defence gets a bit opened up and then Alan makes a brilliant run. Overall, it was a good afternoon’s work.

At times this season you’ve missed Barrie McKay’s creativity – how good was he today?

He’s a brilliant asset to have. Baz isn’t fit, you can see that, he’s been a long time out. He’s got unbelievable quality and he’s good at managing himself within that game and lasting 80 minutes. He started against Livingston and came up with some big moments. Today his quality’s good again. What we get out of him this season is a bonus. He’ll be really important next season.

Thirty goals for Lawrence now this season – what else can you say about him?

Really good. I think the appreciation you see from the fans at the start, the recognition that the club give him for the award he gets. I fully expect him to get the rest of the awards. It’s not the individual scoring 30 goals, it’s his all round consistency of coming up with goals and turning into a leader and a really good experienced professional. And he’s got loads of drive – he wants to maximise what he can do in his career.

He’ll have a big summer ahead, was it important for him to get another goal?

I fully expect him to be in the Scotland squad and that pre-camp is going to be there for all the players. That will be the most important part for him. I think from now to the summer he’ll just continue to do what he does. He’s a leader, he’s much more than just a goal-scorer. It’s been a fantastic season for him, it’s been a fantastic season for us as a group. Today probably sums it up, it was a nothing game for us but we still go out and put on a good performance.

What’s your analysis of James Wilson’s performance?

Good. For the last six months, he has trained with us a lot and today probably shows why we put him in the first-team environment, more because he comes on and looks like a first-team player. He doesn't look like a kid we're trying to get on the pitch. He contributed a lot. He was unfortunate a couple of times with a finish but his all-round play is really good. Going forward I think he will be part of the first-team next season.

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It looked like he has physically developed since making his debut against The Spartans, is that the case?

Yeah and I think that’s important. Young players will get opportunities here but they are not just going to get given opportunities for the sake of it. James has had to be patient, he’s been frustrated at times that he’s not had a chance and not been able to get in but I’ve lived it as a young player and I understand it. If he goes in too early his confidence can take a drop which then takes four months to get back to where he was. We need him to have a steady rise and going forward he will be a big player like Macualy [Tait] and [Aidan] Denholm this season.

Craig made a couple of saves today, how do you manage the goalkeeper situation for the final two games?

I’ll pick the goalie that I feel should play. Credit to them both. Both of them could be frustrated at times, both of them had to perform and they have. They both have a goal that they want to be at the Euros and they’ll do all they can. There will be hard decisions for a goalie because there are four in the mix. 

Has Steve Clarke been in touch? Do you speak with him?

I speak to him a lot, but he’s not going to give much away at the moment and knowing him he’ll give it until the last moment and make the choice. He’s got a lot of decisions to make, not just the goalies but through the squad.

The points tally is now the highest it’s been since 2006, how pleasing is that?

Really good, that is a good measure of us. Yes we’ve had a good season but if you focus on us and how we go about winning games it’s a good marker, but I want to get to 70. It’s a realistic goal, it’s something we can do. It shows the drive the squad’s got that we put on the performance we did today to get the three points.

What’s the latest with Frankie Kent and Macaulay Tait?

It’s competition for places, Frankie had a wee knock over the last two/three weeks and that was a chance to give him a break. He’ll play in the last two games. 

Barrie’s probably not at peak fitness yet, how far along is he?

It’s always tough for players coming, when you miss a big chunk of the season everybody is at their peak and you’re trying to cling on to get there, I've been there myself. We’ll not see him at his prime and best condition until after preseason I think but he’s still contributing so that shows you the quality he’s got.