Ann Budge believes Heart of Midlothian need to work with rivals Hibs to identify individuals throwing objects at derby matches.

The club's chairwoman believes the most recent derby when Lawrence Shankland was almost hit with a corkscrew as well as various other objects as he waited to take a penalty was the worst incident across her 10 years involved with the club. 

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"One thing we can definitely do is make sure we identify the perpetrators if we can," she said. "We all have expensive CCTV kit so really following through on that and demonstrating to people that sorry that really is not acceptable and no, you won’t be allowed back. So being firm is important. I don’t know how we stop it all getting in because you can’t strip-search 18,000 or 19,000 people."

Budge, who missed the game due to a holiday, believes security officials at both clubs have been in communication.

The Edinburgh derby is viewed as a proper spectacle due to the Edinburgh clubs' agreement to give each other a full stand behind the goals. There will be a reluctance for that to change.

"Nobody wants that," Budge said. "But equally we cannot just sit back and wait for a bad incident. Both clubs work together very well in lots of areas. We both have to really take it seriously. Because it really isn’t just one club. As we all know there is a small minority who do these things and it is not the majority, so we just have to get our act together as two clubs and work together and if something happens like that doing everything we can to identify who the individuals were and being very firm about it. 

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"I think the heads of security of the two clubs have been talking. All I know is my view and others’ view which is take how long it takes to identify the individuals involved and let’s stand together and make sure they are not allowed back in. 

"It is really important. It is not one set of fans and not the other. I was watching the game even though I was not here, and I know comments were made about Hearts fans throwing things as well and it is true. We have to work together. We have the same problem. Nobody wants it."